Gangnam BBQ is the most popular dish and belongs to grilled ribs. The start of grilled ribs has made a big difference in the food service industry and people’s food preferences.
Gangnam king ribs food and cooking composition is very complex and diverse, and one dish is the representative food of Gangnam. It is a portion of good food for men and women who do not have or have a lot of money, and anyone can eat rich nutrients.
Grilled meat represented in Gangnam is comparable to European and Mongolian food. It is a dish loved by people all over the world. Grilled ribs are now a representative meat dish enjoyed by people worldwide.
If you look at the distribution of Korean restaurants, there are most Korean restaurants that specialize in ribs, followed by bibimbap restaurants. For this reason, many people still go to Gangnam Galbi.
Galbi Dish It’s not a luxurious dish, but it’s not a low-level dish either. It is a food that everyone likes and is scientifically well made.

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